Thought storage post

Disclaimer: 'kay, this post sums things up for me and offers a kind of "introduction" to my blog. I am working to make sure it stays in the top spot of my homepage but if it doesn't, sorry and you need to go look for it.


Thought storage

FYI - My friend Southern Sage pointed out that this is dated 2010 (so it will stay at the top) and some might miss my latest musings. My real/current posts are ALWAYS below this one and "story posts" so please scroll down, that is if you are interested. If not, that way.

I have been thinking about the purpose of this blog (little boring, I know). Actually, big changes have been happening in my life for the last year causing Dangergirl to come out of hibernation. She has been flexing her literary muscles the past few months and needs a place to store this stuff that is away from prying eyes that lurk at home...I cannot afford both therapy AND college for the offspring.

This blog will chronicle my journey since discovering/acknowledging a previously forbidden interest, at least for now. DG shines the light in the shadows until I can do it myself. How fucking cool is that ?!!!


PS Want to know what subject I am talking about ? See "Ignored* which kinda, sorta dances around it without actually saying the word.

06/24/08 Not sure why I felt compelled to do this but I did so here it is...
Addendum : any similarities between these postings/stories and real life is unintentional. These may be loosely based on events (or wanna-be events). I hope I remembered all the details of the Law and Order disclaimer. If not, catch an episode and it will fill you in.

Story posts

Yeah, keep scrolling for my real/latest posts. This is always post # 2 since it explains some shit.

Hey there...good news (at least for me) is I have managed to store all my stories in this neck of the woods (don't worry - I hear the thundering applause in my head).

I should mention that I started writing these as a New Year's resolution...didn't hurt that no one in r/l knows about my "hobby" so I gathered up some courage and dove in. I am soooo not a r-brained person so this was almost as hard as quitting smoking but fucking easier than exercising regularly ;)

I listed the links to the stories on the right since they are a bit wordy. Personally, I would suggest using the links to read the Sam/Tina ones since they are listed in sequential order there (oldest on top since that is how I read)...choice is yours.

Almost forgot, I included a "vanilla" story category...only has 1 so far. *lol*
06/16 - another vanilla post so this wasn't a fluke !!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting....dg (another spawn of Lil bit)

PS If ya' notice some typos or other grammatical errors - please drop me a line so I can fix them....that shit drives me crazy and I sometimes miss 'em.

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