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A first for me....

This is a political post so move on if that would be a problem. Actually when I viewed the video I was moved by the power of the images combined with the music. As someone that has children attending a public school in the South I have noticed this part of our history tends to be glossed over or simply lost.

All those hours my children spent studying _______ history (trust me - I live in a "real "Southern state) seemed to include a complete list of the Confederate generals, the location of their houses and a blow-by-blow of every "atrocity" committed by the "those" Yankees during the War of Northern Aggression (they didn't actually call it that but the flavor remains) .

Somehow the Alabama church bombing of 1963 was overlooked in the junior high school curriculum.

So far it hasn't appeared in the high school curriculum either.

The last screen of this video is the main reason I am posting it.