Thought storage post

Disclaimer: 'kay, this post sums things up for me and offers a kind of "introduction" to my blog. I am working to make sure it stays in the top spot of my homepage but if it doesn't, sorry and you need to go look for it.


Hardware collection

I received this award from Lil' bit. For those of you who don't know who she is let me offer some information on the downlow. First, I am her spawn. Yep, she is responsible...Mmm, since she has the power to create life in cyberland that makes her ...OMG!! Yep, that's the answer...

Second, she has an awesome blog and her irreverance inspiring. I strongly suggest checking her out. If not then you are missing out on a wonderful treat (in other words, fuck you).

BTW, here's my acceptance speech (sorry, no video - cheap camcorder!!):

*blushing while walking to the podium* "Oh Academy of Lil' bit, I don't know who to thank. First of all I want to thank my family and readers. I owe it all to Lb and of course, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." *grabbing the award..only need one hand, btw and walking off stage*

"Thanks again to Lb - I am priviledged to be one of her *oops, I meant 'your'* spawn. "

"Fuck, I tried to use HTML tags but was not successful - please try to picture the italics and bold in your minds eye."
*you will notice this last sentence no longer applies*


Anonymous said...

LB rocks!!
Shes the best o the best!!!!

Excellent award!

Sage catcalls @ DG's butt as she walks of stage!

Lil Bit said...

LOL, yay! - You figured out how to post it over here! Woohoo!

... and what are ya saying? That's I'm a Matrix Mommy? LOL ;)

btw, you can scale that bad boy down a lil bit and put it over on your sidebar, too.
Lemme know if ya want to & if ya need help getting it there.

Much deserved & happy to spawn! ;)
*round of applause*

dangergirl said...

SS - you do know how to make a girl blush...and add a little more jiggle to the wiggle !!

Lb - I love Matrix Mommy although you will notice I had you elevated a bit higher...

I'll play around with it next time I'm at work - lol and see if I can miniturize it. I may be callin' your way if not.


Lil Bit said...

LOL, a bit *TOO* high, m'dear... cuz now there's nowhere for me to go but down! lol

otherwise, sounds good - if ya need my help, ya know where to find me. ;)

sinfullyanon said...

~~Congrats, on the Award!
Lookin' Good, DangerGirl...

...(Lil Bit's such a sweetie!:)

(you know who!)

dangergirl said...

Thanks SinfullyAnon - Lb is a sweetie !!! The hardware was a surprise.


PS Way glad visited.

Lil Bit said...

pssst.... more hardware for your collection, lol!

I ♥ your blog! =)